Celebrating the 10th anniversary and World Health Qigong day

Sri Lanka Health Qigong Association will be celebrating its 10th anniversary and the World Health Qigong Day as a coincident on Saturday (14) at the Sri Lanka Foundation premises in Colombo 07. Event will be started at 4.00 p.m. with co-sponsorship of the Sri Lanka Foundation.

Health Qigong is a powerful system of healing and energy medicine that originated in the People’s Republic of China more than 5000 years ago to improve the physical and mental health of the people. It involves breathing techniques, gentle movement and meditation, which acts to cleanse, strengthen and circulate the life energy (Qi) of human body that mostly help to eliminate the mental stress and most of the NCDs commonly discussed in the society these days. This art could be followed by everyone irrespective of their ages as a sport, meditation or even to maintain good health and a better life style.

The celebration will comprise developing the awareness on Health Qigong, the objectives of the SLHQA and its achievements hitherto followed with a training session for the participants. Therefore, all are welcome without any age barrier to participate in this grand event and feel the difference by following Health Qigong. This is a totally free event for all the participants.

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