Winning your trust above all, we’re HNB Assurance


Building on the success of an honored brand, HNB Assurance PLC (HNBA), debuts its cross-media brand campaign, ‘Winning Your Trust Above All’, portraying a series of visuals of one’s life’s journey. Following the brand’s legacy of trust and reliance, this campaign is a celebration of life, love, special moments and cherished achievements.

Sharing his views on the the brand campaign, Chief Operating Officer of HNBA, Prasantha Fernando stated, "this creative iteration of the Company portrays the many walks and paths we take in life and how HNBA, as your trusted life insurance solutions provider strengthens every step of your life’s journey. As a leading brand in the insurance industry, HNBA has established a strong brand name for its value-led business practices and trust gained over the years and the Company is committed to stand beside you as a source of strength as you prepare to overcome the challenges of tomorrow".

Expressing his views, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of HNBA, Lasitha Wimalaratne stated, "through strong visual storytelling the brand aims in depicting the unique life insurance solutions it offers for each stage in life and how HNBA as a brand so close to you is there for you and your loved ones by being a pillar of protection and a friend in need. This campaign is a tribute to our life’s journey and to all the achievements and special moments in life".

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