Those whom Gods would destroy …

Your headine "Those whom the Gods would destroy they make mad" is not complete. The full quotation which is from a Greek philosopher, I think, ..’’should read thus...."Those whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad WITH POWER". And we have dozens of examples of top dogs and underlings who are apparently wielding unearned power quite madly at the moment.

Rohana Ariyaratne’s excellent article says what many of us have been feeling for the last two years or more. Never has a Government squandered the goodwill and hopes of a voting population as has the present one.

Perhaps its sheer lack of education is at fault but one really wonders at the lunacy of parliamentarians asking for raises in their salaries when we see potato farmers desperate to be paid what is owed to them by an uncaring government, villages with no access to water, fields lying dry and unproductive, roads unusable, bridges on the verge of collapse, schools with no teachers, children with no schools,......need I go on?

I do have to ask however,...Do our mainly uneducated Parliamentarians follow what the press has to say and do they read the views of those who voted them into office? Indeed how many actually READ? Surely they cannot be unaware of the rising swell of absolute discontent? While they squabble among themselves for office and are making all sorts of political deals can they be unaware of the little fact that they may not be in office much longer?

I think ALL politicians should now start trying to talk sense and realise that the public will not be impressed by random and ridiculous criticisms of their opponents. I refer particularly to Vijitha Herath’s statement in today’s paper that the Rajapakse’s have fielded the weakest candidate for the upcoming election. He goes on to say that Mr Gotabhaya Rajapakse lacked administrative discipline and skills.

Whether one is for Mr. Gotabhaya. or not, THAT criticism is NOT one that can be made considering we have visible proof of his skills in that direction lying all around us. His Master’s Degree in IT went a long way towards our winning the war and Security of the country was great. One really wonders if Mr. Zaharan would not have .been nabbed BEFORE the Easter carnage had there been someone with Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapakse’s skills in a position of power. At least warning would have been heeded not ignored.

Let me end with the same quotation with which I ended a recent article. Oscar Wilde said, "The world is a stage but the Play badly miscast."

Indeed, the ‘Play’ of Sri Lanka deserves far better actors?

Goolbai Gunasekara


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