Jobless UN experts

Five United Nations experts are currently going around the country to find out "why Sri Lankan government invites foreign polls monitors". I am first of all made to wonder whether UN is saddled with so many jobless experts to send them here at such great expense when it already has many specialists here already doing next to nothing than being driven around the country in expensive SUVs or from one five star destination to another day and night.

All that the hordes of experts or busy bodies that descend on this country each year may be doing is rehashing reports filed by previous ‘experts’.

They must be generally keeping a tab on the country for the self-appointed ‘international community’ and doing their bidding.

According to reports the latest visiting panel comprises Riccardo Chelleri, Hans Weber, Ms.Dimitra Loannou, Ms.Pawel Jurczak and Lan Miller.

My greatest fear is that their visit might be a precursor to an election ‘jilmart’ with our Election Commission notorious for appeasing powers that be especially when it comes to postponing polls as seen in recent years.

When the world is on the cusp of disaster in so many areas around the planet, especially with regard to uncontrolled destruction of the environment surely why is UN wasting precious funds here other than with an ulterior motive?

Sarath Thommadura,


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