Solution to upcountry train shortage comes from China


A state-of-the-art power-set manufactured in China was unloaded at the Colombo Port, yesterday. This is the first of nine such trains to be brought down in the coming days and they are tailor-made to be used in the rail tracks in the upcountry.

General Manager of CGR, Dilantha Fernando said: "The cost of one power set is USD 10.3 million. We have imported nine of these. Each of these power-sets has two engines, two first class/air conditioned, two second class and three third class compartments. There is also a dining compartment. These power-sets will be tested in the coming days and then will be used in the rail tracks in the upcountry,"

He added that it was difficult to operate trains with a large number of compartments because the track was narrow, steep and winding. "Thus, there is a shortage of trains in those areas and these Chinese power-sets are the CGR’s answer to this.

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