‘Celebrate Colombo’ by So Sri Lanka & SLTPB


CFW Swim Week Colombo brings together four creative industries namely Art, Fashion, Food and Music to host a week-long creative festival titled " Celebrate Colombo" presented by So Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Tourism and Promotion Bureau (SLTPB). Celebrate Colombo is a week of creativity anchored on the Swim and Resort season now in its 5th year.

Celebrate Colombo is a destination promotion tourism-based event product that positively tunes the perception of the international media and travellers, showcasing Colombo as a vibrant and creative city, and this event product also enhances the experience of the travellers, having them enjoy Colombo more than they would have done before. The collaboration with the creative industries of Art, Food and Music makes the city more attractive to the modern traveller. The very creation of this festival will be the first on-ground demonstration that there is peace and a return to normalcy after the Easter Sunday attacks. In this regard, this festival will play a strategic role for Sri Lanka.

The strong aspect of fashion is anchored through another popular event brand called Swim Week Colombo, presented by OLU Tropical Water. It is Asia’s first fashion week dedicated to swimwear and resort wear, which in itself highlights the destination of Colombo. This platform will showcase the latest collections from nine dynamic Sri Lankan designers along with seven Emerging Designers, and five international designers.

Swim Week Colombo was established in 2015 with the vision of creating a global platform for swimwear and positioning Sri Lanka as the swimwear capital of the world. Sri Lanka is renowned globally for its world-class swimwear manufacturing capabilities, having engineered and produced swimwear for some of the world’s finest swimwear brands. This existing knowledge and expertise, along with Sri Lanka’s strategic position as an island with world-famous beaches and holiday attractions, lends the country the potential to become a global swimwear hub.

"After the attacks I wanted to give a fitting reply to disruptive forces through creativity. My team and I started working on showcasing Colombo / Sri Lanka in a different light and Celebrate Colombo was born in its current form. Celebrate Colombo is a progressive platform to showcase the creative industries of Sri Lanka from a tourism perspective and positioning the city of Colombo as a vibrant and creative city. CFW Swim Week leads this creative celebration. Swim Week Colombo is in itself a platform that not only focuses on strategic fashion development of the Swimwear and Luxury Resort Wear category, but it complements and showcases Sri Lanka." said Ajai Vir Singh, Founder and Managing Director of CFW.

Celebrate Colombo is a collaborative effort supported by Sri Lanka Tourism to showcase Colombo as a vibrant city with an active creative community. A creative festival functions as a tourism product which influences and attracts international travellers to immerse themselves in a creative experience. Celebrate Colombo will take place from the 3rd to the 10th of August with Swim Week Colombo runway shows taking place from the 8th to the 10th of August.

"As Sri Lanka Tourism embarks on an optimistic journey not just to recover from the setback but to exponentially grow the industry, Celebrate Colombo I have no doubt will help us regain the confidence of global travellers in a compelling way" commented Kishu Gomes, Chairman of Sri Lank Tourism and Promotion Bureau.

This year Olu Tropical Water adds a little sparkle to its title partnership with Swim Week Colombo by unveiling Sri Lanka's first brand of sparkling water - Olu Tropical Sparkling.

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