Samaposha Ready Mix ‘ideal solution’ for vital morning nourishment


While intake of food is vital for man’s sustenance, when considering the average daily diet, breakfast is recognised as the most important meal for the day.

However, due to busy lifestyles, many of us neglect breakfast and do not have it on a daily basis. This causes an unhealthy start to the day as the required morning nourishment the body seeks is not received and can result in harmful consequences. Therefore the importance of consuming breakfast can never be overstated.

CBL understands these issues and challenges and has launched its latest offering the ‘Samaposha Ready Mix’. For all those who face busy lifestyles and often forgo breakfast, the product is full of nourishment and serves as the ideal solution.

Manufactured with four locally sourced grains, Samaposha Ready Mix also contains desiccated coconut, salt and sugar and only requires water to be added. Using the mix, everyone’s favourite, Samaposha Aggala can be easily prepared very quickly taking only two minutes.

The recently introduced ‘Ready Mix 80g Breakfast Pack’ prevents us from forgoing our much-needed breakfast while at the same time enabling us to receive the required morning nourishment with ease and little hassle.

Commenting on the launch of CBL’s newest ‘Ready Mix 80g Breakfast Pack’, Jayanga Perera, General Manager, Marketing, CBL Food Cluster noted, "Samaposha which is produced from nutritious grains and has readily won the trust of all consumers, has further confirmed its commitment to provide a nourishing breakfast with the launch of its latest Ready Mix 80g Breakfast Pack. Costing only Rs. 50/-, we have now ensured that everyone can now enjoy a healthy and nourishing start to their morning with Samaposha."

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