SLT steps into minimising its carbon footprint

Sri Lanka Telecom PLC has taken successful initial steps to make it a 'carbon-neutral' company, under the common theme of 'Earth is Calling, Are You Listening?'.

This is carried out as one initiative of SLT's overall mission of minimizing the emission of carbon into the environment in the course of its operations that include a wide range of activities. Accordingly, the company has already begun assessing carbon emission with a clear mission of making the overall initiate a success. The SLT Group is of the firm position that these are the challenges that need to be addressed by responsible corporate citizens for the benefit of not only the local community, but also the entire globe.

This undoubtedly adds a new dimension to the value created by SLT for its customers as they too are indirect stakeholders of this important mission while consuming the products and services offered by a responsible company in the country.

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