Ravi alleges govt blocked his bid to electrify Kuragala



By Saman Indrajith

Minister of Power, Energy and Business Development Ravi Karunanayake told Parliament yesterday that he would electrify the Kuragala prehistoric site and sacred area even if ongoing talks for the purpose with the Department of Archaeology did not reach fruition.

The Minister said that he would obtain the help of the Police to supply electricity so that those who visited the sacred area would benefit. 

His ministry officials were in talks with the representatives of the Department of Archaeology to construct a power supply line along a road to Kuragala site from the Balangoda-Badulla road. Electricity had already been provided up to four kilometers of the road, he said. There is a further stretch that needs 26 lamp posts to link the site to the grid. That task would be completed within four more working days, Karunanayake said.

The Minister said that the task had been abandoned owing to an order that came from top levels of the government.

"Many MPs and Nayaka Theras have renewed their requests for the electrification of the Kuragala site. If the Department of Archaeology gives its approval we could complete the task within four working days. There was an order to suspend the work. But we intend to complete it because there are numerous requests. Then I took up this matter at the Cabinet meeting. I was informed that there could be clashes between two religious groups if the area was developed. I think I can complete the task with the help of the police and there would be no clashes."

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