Sri Lanka unprotected


At present we, the people and our country, are unprotected. The Easter Sunday massacre of Catholics proves it beyond all doubt. The big show of protecting Schools and Churches that followed the tragedy, with barriers, the three armed forces and the Police is just that; only a show. The horse has bolted; of what use is protecting the empty stall?

The massacre of Catholics and tourists was a single terrorist operation to last at most four hours, nothing more and no continuation. The fact that the leader dies in the operation just like in the single terrorist operation, brilliant and daring in its own macabre way, of attacking the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the White house, clearly shows - there is no follow up. It was a single operation without continuity, unlike the LTTE operations which went on for decades till finally the leader was eliminated and everything came to a stop. Now two months after Easter, nobody knows why, the barriers and the guarding officers are still causing much inconvenience to the public. It shows that those in responsible positions are yet clueless about what is going on or what should be done OR they are simply uninterested.

Indian intelligence has again warned that IS is operational in India and Sri Lanka. There is now enough time to nip it in the bud. The initiators and the initial stages must be immediately found and eliminated, not guard the final target and wait for the last act of the operation to take place.

All of them - the government, the opposition and the top officials knew. The fact, that they did nothing to prevent the Easter tragedy has many interpretations: 1.They knew, perhaps they even planned it, maybe with the connivance of an outside power like USA or somebody else, but they did not expect it to be such an enormous bloody massacre. 2. They did not know the socio-political reality of the country, being unaware of the radicalization of Muslim groups in Sri Lanka, and they did not know anything about IS or about global politics. They are simpletons, nincompoops and ignoramuses. 3. In their ignorant arrogance they thought they were masterminds, who knew how to play one extreme group against another and use them as their cat’s paws. Instead they got played out by the groups and are left looking like damn cuckolded fools. The end result: our country is still unprotected.

Governments, the previous one and the present one, are to be blamed. Blinded by intractable greed for huge commissions, bribes and what not, the previous regime was nicely played out by China, a global power challenging the global Top Dog. The Chinese massive Belt and Road Initiative has the Hambantota Port, a trade zone, the Port City in Colombo and the Shangri La Hotel. The previous regime has made us pay for somebody else’s initiative. And god alone knows for how long we’ll have to keep paying up. They sold us to the Chinese for 30 pieces of silver. And the Judases claim to be the genuine patriots of the country! So the country remains unprotected.

The current sorry government has given in to the USA, the global Top Dog, and India, the regional big power. USA is forcing down the throat of the current government three dangerous agreements lubricated with a few million dollars. The ACSA, the SOFA and the MCC compact are not at all altruistic, friendly and fraternal gifts and aid to poor little brother, Sri Lanka. They are Trojan horses, fifth columns, vipers and cobras. The government is asking for big trouble. Imagine American soldiers walking around armed and behaving with impunity accosting local security forces. Our forces are not going to back down and a shoot out is inevitable. When the Easter tragedy took place the behaviour of the US ambassador was strange. She was highly excited and rushing around. Maybe she was on damage control mode, as the expected result did not take place. The country did not go up in flames. She missed the chance to become the American "viceroy" like the Indian, some time back, "viceroy" Dixit. All these indicate how unprotected we are.

The neighborly big brother India wants the East Container Terminal in addition to the Oil Tank Farm in Trinco and the IOC. What is the response of the government? Namaste, Namaste you are welcome. We are not allowed even to visit and examine the OTF, in our own country! We are not only unprotected, we are going to be second class citizens in our own country with the Chinese on one side the Americans on the other side and the Indians in between.

After ’77 the two political parties, the UNP and the SLFP, have brought this country to this humiliating pass and now it has reached its nadir. Where is our sovereignty and independence? Where is our pride and dignity? Cry, my beloved Mother Lanka, cry, for the Ali Baba and the 225 thieves, the pimps, are selling you piecemeal for fat commissions and bribes. As long as the evil trio Mahinda-Ranil-Maithri are in charge of this country we shall remain unprotected.

As the Old Fox JR notoriously said in ’77, each one must look after his own protection. To assure our own protection we, the citizens, must do two things. With the next election we must trounce Ali Baba and the 225 thieves, defeat them overwhelmingly and throw them out of politics and in to the Welikada prison for good. Secondly, we must wisely choose an alternative, the pole opposite of the present set of rogues, rascals and robbers. There are a few alternatives in the public domain. Among them one has a clear, workable programme to clean up Sri Lankan politics and bring about a government made up of educated, honest, committed and selfless ladies and gentlemen. It will present a New Constitution to the voter and ask for his/her consent. The New Constitution has reduced the number of parliamentarians from 225 to 60, abolished the Provincial Councils and the national list, done away with the salaries and pensions of the lawmakers and will bring the parliament back to Galle Face. Only such a government can guarantee full protection to each and every citizen of this country.

Let us get together and save Mother Lanka. Let us make a safe future for our children. Let us bring back decency and civility to our country. Let us make our country a sovereign, independent, proud nation where we can hold our heads high.



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