Pension anomalies


Our Pensions Association is thankful to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Minister of Finance to fulfill our request of rectifying pension anamolies.

After reading in the Media, I am writing this to expose the reason for the Pension Budget Proposal 2019 is a request of Pensioners’ Association only, not for any politics.

I am forwarding the following facts to grasp the situation behind the Rectification of Pension by Budget proposals 2019, and the role of Sri Lanka Tamil Teachers Association’s involvement since 2017 in it.

During 2016, a huge salary increase has been implemented to Government servants in phases from 1.1.2017 up to 1.1.2020.

At the same time a small amount of allowance has been given to pensioners.

This matter was discussed with retired Ministry secretary, Director level officers, but they had the opinion of these increases will be to working groups only.

At the same time one retired education sector officer voluntarily helped in all aspects to start our pension proposal as "Rationalization of Retired Government Servants Pension Scheme" to achieve our goal.

I shall be thankful if you could publish this matter, for our Association to get recognition in society.


The Secretary,

Sri Lanka Retired Teachers Association

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