Doctors… doing it again


I still remember the very first Doctors’ Concert, I checked out, and that was last year, courtesy of Dr. Christo Fernando – a great musician himself.

Believe me, I didn’t know what to expect! To me, doctors are there for the sick, and my mind conjured up those white, long over coats, stethoscope, etc.

But…it was an entirely different scene, at the Galadari Hotel, that particular night! Yes, we were being entertained, and the talented musical-minded doctors were on stage, doing the needful.

There were quite a few extremely good entertainers, among the doctors, and I was very impressed with some of their singing voices.

Well, they are ready to do it again, come Saturday, July 27th, 2019, at the Galadari Hotel.

Doctors’ Concert 2019 is being presented by the Sri Lanka Medical Association, in connection with their 132nd Anniversary International Medical Congress.

Operating time…oops, sorry – action will be from 7.00 pm onwards.

Yes, it’s going to be another unforgettable evening of dance, drama and music.

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