"PickMe Bike" launched in Colombo


Sri Lanka’s own and most innovative mobility technology solutions provider PickMe on its successful 4th year,has recently rolled out the newest service offering ‘PickMe Bike’’ through their award-winning smartphone app. This feature was launched with the aim of offering passengers the ability to access a faster, more efficient mode of transportation, which was deemed necessary based on the growing demand for quick, efficient and affordable methods of getting about.

Passengers who wish to use the feature need to only launch the PickMe app on their mobile phones and select the option ‘Bike’ and thereafter the process would be the same as hailing any other vehicle. Meanwhile riders who wish to join the platform, be it part-time or full-time need only visit the PickMe office and register.

Commenting on their latest product offering, PickMe’s Chief Operating Officer Isira Perera said, "I am extremely pleased to introduce our newest service ‘PickMe Bike’ to every Sri Lankan. This unique and convenient travel solution offered through our smartphone app will not only elevate PickMe’s current offering level but also enhance the standards of Sri Lanka’s transportation industry. This is the journey we have set for ourselves, to revolutionize the mobility sector in the country, which would benefit the people, business and ultimately the economy."Commenting further he noted that "The commitment to finding solutions for Sri Lankan transportation problems requires translating our vision into a solution that works for all Lankans, which is why we launched PickMe bike after having identified a substantial demand. Our services would not only make life easier for consumers, but also help improve efficiency and reduce expenditure whilst creating additional income streams for Bike Owners"

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