SLT Human Capital Solutions pays tribute to employees with career advancement opportunities


HCS Employee receiving letter of promotion from Kumarasinghe Sirisena (Center),  Chairman, SLT Group.Roshan Kaluarachchi (Right), CEO, SLT Human Capital Solutions was also present.

SLT Human Capital Solutions (Pvt) Ltd (HCS), recognised as the leading total HR solutions provider in Sri Lanka, renowned for its comprehensive portfolio of innovative HR solutions, held a special event recently to present employees with career advancing promotions.

Titled ‘Limitless You’, the campaign and the main concept was envisioned by Sri Lanka Telecom Group Chairman P.G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena while SLT HCS CEO Roshan Kaluarachchi spearheaded the initiative to recognise outstanding achievements and years of dedication of its staff. Subsequently, the presentation of grade promotions to employees was advocated by SLT HCS CEO Roshan Kaluarachchi.

The primary objective of conferring these promotions was based on the results of notable staff evaluations, to further motivate employees to provide quality services for HCS clientele and for encouraging the staff to enhance their performance and output.

Commenting on presenting these promotions, Group Chairman P.G. Kumarasinghe Sirisena said, "We firmly believe loyalty and dedication are the keys to the success of any organisation. We also understand the value and the importance in continuing to enhance the facilities and incentives as tools of motivation for our staff. These promotions ensure our employees are recognised and appreciated for their efforts, and thus receive due credit through career advancement opportunities."

The ceremony was the inaugural event in the history of SLT HCS and held on 24th May 2019 at the Sri Lanka Foundation Auditorium.

"This initiative proves the management's care and appreciation for its employees who play a vital role in the company. This event will serve to raise the morale of the promoted staff as well as encourage the rest and motivate them to work hard towards the career progression. We hope to continue this event annually and may it provide a platform to enhance the education level of our employees too," noted SLT HCS CEO Roshan Kaluarachchi.

Grade promotions were awarded to over 110 employees in categories such as Technical, Sales, Customer Care and Contact Centre considering their recent performance, period of service, education and other qualifications.

This event also continues in the same spirit as SLT HCS’s Super Human Awards held recently. During this premier event, HCS appreciated the loyalty, dedication and the hard work of its employees towards the organisation.


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