Sharia extremists shared goal post with UNP


Which political party in Sri Lanka introduced birth control officially? None other than the United National Party, during the JRJ regime in 1977/78! The scheme commenced in a big way sponsored by the Ministry of Planning headed by Dr. Wickrema Weerasuriya, as Secretary. Policy decisions generally taken by this party are dictated not by needs and prospective benefits to the people and the country, but by 'dead ropes' offered by Western vested interests or Loan/Grant Agencies with ulterior motives. The scheme 'ab initio' had its immense drawbacks with different laws, procedures and rules applicable in Sri Lanka to respective communities and religious and other sects. In a country like China, with its laws applicable uniformly and booming uncontrollable population growth, it is completely different and is not capable of being aped for application elsewhere, as a standard panacea for the ills of population explosion, and Sri Lanka was not in such situation.

Notwithstanding the adverse consequences, the scheme was sought to be popularized with catchy slogans like "Punchi Pavula Raththaran" with monetary "bribes" offered for sterilization of men and women. There was no gold lining or poverty alleviation in sight. And lo and behold, this came in the wake of the clarion call by the ex Libyan Leader, Mohamed Gaddafi, while in Sri Lanka for the Non-Aligned Conference in 1976, for Muslims to multiply! By and large, most Muslims are not without large families - whether the minimum marriage age limit of 12 years and the permissibility of multiple marriage under certain conditions are a contributory factor is open to question. On the other hand, Roman Catholics and Christians generally, frown on birth control and use of contraceptives. So, whether by intent unintentionally the target group of the "hare-brained" scheme were the Buddhists and Atheists generally. If the allegations against a particular doctor are established, the spurious links to the ultimate goal to which the UNP was an active agent could be quite apparent. Many of those who were victims to this sterilization scheme were the poor, with its immediate financial benefit and with no conviction of a long-term national benefit. The villain of the peace is hence the UNP, in-as-much-as it is responsible for spreading racist mentalities commencing as far back as 1958 with its official organ ("Siyarata") publishing an article encouraging the Sinhala community to kill Tamils ("Marau, Marau" was the headline), about which Dudley Senanayake himself was later to publicly express shame, and the systematic targeting of Tamils in 1983. Those who seek to accuse others should come with clean hands.

The country needs real Statesmen to pull the chestnuts out of the fire!


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