Security checkpoints vital, but treat everybody equally and with dignity – PPA tells President

Passengers asked to get down and searched in the North

Stressing that security checks are imperative in the current context, the People’s Progressive Alliance (PPA) says, in a letter to the President, that the process must ensure that all people are treated equally and with dignity, and travelling made hassle-free.

Though there are many checkpoints in the South, all vehicles are not checked; only if there’s suspicion that a vehicle is flagged down and checked, Ganesh Velautham, General Secretary of the PPA said in the letter.

However, in the North almost all vehicles are stopped and passengers asked to get down and searched at checkpoints at Elephant Pass, Mankulam, Myliddy etc., he said.

"As a person who travel to various places in Sri Lanka, I notice that checking has become more rigid and become a stress to the people", Velautham added.

After the end of the war in 2009, the people who suffered immensely during the conflict enjoyed a peaceful life, he recalled.

The government imposed emergency regulations following the Easter Sunday bomb blasts. Due to the prevailing situation, people not only in the South, but in North and East as well are affected due to the presence of checkpoints, Velautham further says.

Security checks are, no doubt, important under the prevailing situation, but everybody should be treated equally so that they can get about their day-to-day work with respect and dignity, he added in his letter to the President.

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