Palestine: Iranian Ambassador calls for referendum among Muslims, Christians, Jews


Zaeri Amirani

The  Iranian Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Zaeri Amirani called for a referendum with  the  participation of the original inhabitants of Palestine including Muslims, Christians and Jews to determine their political system.

Speaking  a day after the last Friday of Ramadan, which also marks International  Al-Quds Day, Ambassador Amirani said "After more than 70 years of occupation of Palestine, international communities should to take a decisive step to end the occupation and the Zionist Israeli regime’s aggressions and pave the way for a return of the displaced Palestinians to their motherland and also hold a referendum with participation of the original inhabitants including Muslims, Christians and Jews to determine their political system."

He said that the so-called peace plan proposed by American President Donald Trump recently to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict known as the "Deal of the Century", was a new plot hatched to deprive the Palestinian people of their legitimate rights.

"Although details of Trump’s deal have not yet been officially released, it seems it has not addressed the Quds, independent Palestinian state and its sovereignty, West Bank settlements and the refugees issue", Amirani noted.

The Ambassador said that following Trump’s decision to recognize Al-Quds as the Israeli capital and move the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Al-Quds, President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas pointed out that: "Al - Quds is not for sale and I will never accept the US peace plan. Donald Trump’s Deal of the Century is the Blow of the Century and we will never agree with it. The deal is a US plot. We don’t accept the US as a peace mediator."

Therefore, any peace plan which does not meet Palestinians legitimate expectations for an independent country in their motherland would only result in the critical situation in the Middle East deteriorating   and  undermining the stability of the region further, he added.

Amirani said that the Islamic Republic of Iran, while expressing its solidarity with the Palestinian cause, reiterated the important responsibility of the international community, the UN in particular to end the organized occupation of Palestine and the holy Al-Quds and to help the Palestinian people achieve their right to self-determination and establish an independent Palestinian state.

The International Quds Day is the manifestation of Palestinian refugees and prisoners cries of innocence and call for justice over the oppression and persecution of the anti-human Zionist regime.

Unfortunately, the policies and measures taken by some countries in the region serve the interest of Israel and other terrorist groups. Such policies not only shatter the Muslim world unity, but also pave the way for Israel’s further aggression and accomplish its settlement projects, transform the historical and cultural identity of Quds, destroy the al-Aqsa Mosque and displace the non-Jewish residents of al-Quds, he said.

The Israeli regime is trying to deceive the world’s public opinion by pretending to be an advocate of peace and even normalizing relations with some regional countries", the Ambassador added.

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