Pioneering e-commerce platform launches revolutionary "Auction" feature


Strengthening its status as a pioneering revolutionary in the e-commerce industry, initiated yet another first in Sri Lanka with a value addition – a unique site that enables buying, selling and leasing of vehicles through the ingenious monthly installment search or the amount that a consumer can afford as payment. Having already gained immense popularity through its app, the new added feature, " Auction" pushes the boundaries of the customer psyche by enabling them to place bids on the site for vehicles they intend to purchase. With over 100,000 plus online hits on the site monthly, the award winning online platform which recently won the Most Popular e-commerce and e-Banking website at the Best Awards 2018, is augmenting behavioural change in the way customers purchase, buy, sell and lease vehicles.

General Manager, Emergent Business Strategy and Sales Maduranga Heenkenda explains that the impressive number of hits on the site was compelling evidence that technology was changing the way customers buy, sell and lease vehicles has changed over time. "With the simple search of the affordable monthly installment, obtaining a dream vehicle is now a reality. With this auction feature, we have gone a step further, enabling customers access a newer method of purchasing their dream vehicle by placing bids. The customer thus makes an informed decision when making a purchase possessing knowledge of market price and thus gaining value for money."

Besides its convenience factor, the auction feature is also a knowledge garnering site, enabling vehicle owners to understand current market value of their vehicles and also prompting a quick sale at the highest demand price through our dedicated agents. On the flip side, buyers can gather any amount of bids at the best price they want to buy within their financial capability when an attractive deal surfaces to seal their purchase. The feature also eliminates intermediaries and places vehicles at current market prices with no add-ons and thus is convenient for both buyer and seller to gain value for money. intends to equip the auction site with an excess of 20,000 in its inventory of vehicles and 1,000 touch points islandwide.

Heenkenda adds that by launching two years ago, this unique proposition enabled customers not only to search for their dream vehicle suited to their budget but it also began a transformation in purchase paradigms when searching and thereby purchasing vehicles.

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