Governor Salley surveys mob violence damage


During his visit to the riot torn Minuwangoda area on Wednesday, Western Province Governor, Azath Salley instructed the trustees of the vandalized town mosque to repair it immediately to continue the performance of prayers.

The Governor toured the mosque and saw for himself the damage caused by the thugs who came in organized groups to attack Muslims, their properties and places of worship. He was told that the groups came from outside areas.

Salley visited the affected areas in the town to evaluate the damage caused to the Muslim properties in there. "I am really shocked to see the inhuman acts of hooligans who had no respect for human values," the governor said, pointing out that those street urchins had nullified  the sanctity of the mosque and further damaged more than 40 shops including restaurants, jewellery shops and most of them had been reduced to ashes.

He recalled that Colombo Archibishop Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith made a public plea for the people to calm down since there had been a foreign hand in the Easter Sunday serial bomb blasts. He also urged everyone to forget all differences and appealed to people of all faiths to come under one umbrella as Sri Lankans to combat extremism and terror which killed so many people in suicide blasts. "We are one nation and we have one voice and we are all Sri Lankans."

Lamenting about the barbaric attack on innocent Muslims, the Governor said the government should go deep into this incident and find out the real culprits for necessary punishment. While conveying his deepest sympathies to the family of Fouzul Ameer who died in the attack, the governor said it was the duty of the authorities to provide security and maintain peace in the country for the betterment of the people.

Acknowledging that the government would pay compensation to victims of such senseless violence and for the losses caused, Salley said that it would be again at tax payers’ expense. " Such vandalism which affects the national economy cannot be tolerated", he said.

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