RRG calls for restraint

A new body Religions for Responsible Governance (RRG) has urged the people not to take the law into their own hands and to support law enforcement authorities and the armed forces to investigate the Easter Sunday carnage.

The following is the text of the statement issued by Ven Galkande Dhammananda thera, Swami Ji Gunatitananda, Ash-Sheikh Faleel and Bishop Duleep de Chickera on behalf of the RRG: The RRG is deeply worried about the spread of anti-Muslim communal violence in some parts of the country over the past few days. We emphatically condemn these acts of violence.

We are a civilized people, capable of restraint and patience under provocation.

We believe that violence against any one is violence against all – and that it will only perpetuate terror, rather than annihilate it.

We have already condemned the acts of terror and destruction perpetrated on Easter Sunday and have urged that it be left to the Police and the armed forces to investigate these acts. We should have trust & faith in the security authorities to maintain law and order, and to provide security for all our people.

There is therefore no need for members of the general public to take the law into their hands and inflict harm on others.

As leaders of all four religions we appeal to all sections of our people to refrain from inciting violence and engaging in harmful acts against anyone. As we approach the thrice sacred day of Vesak, venerated by Buddhists all over the world and respected by all other world religions, we are to heed the teachings of the Lord Buddha on non- violence, non-anger and loving kindness with compassion for all living beings. As the Buddha repeatedly emphasized, we need to be sensitive that every living being feels the same physical pain and emotional hurt that we do.

Let us reflect on what all that our religious leaders have taught so that we are able to create a peaceful, stable and secure country for everyone.

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