Cardinal lashes out at bad government


Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith

Dear Cardinal, its better late than never, your sermon last Saturday at St. Lucia’s Cathedral, Kotahena, was excellent and long overdue. You took on the leadership of the government, asking them to quit and be expelled if they cannot govern the Country. They who have passed the blame to those below are pretending to be saints, as if they were unaware of the impending disaster to befall the nation on that fateful Easter Sunday.

As Media reports stated, the President had been given this information 15mts prior, and had this been conveyed to the church authorities the calamity could have been mitigated. Your comments hit the headlines in almost all English dailies this morning (Monday 13th) and Catholics are happy you have at least now taken this bold and courageous stand, even risking your life, stating you are even prepared to die for the sake of your people

Those in the government who ignored you and not even cared about you have now become very close, and tried to pamper you with a bullet proof vehicle etc; offering you titles that as a true servant of the Master does not concern you, and rejected these tempting offers, just as much as our Holy Father Pope Francis continues his Ministry in Simplicity

You have been moderate and forgiving as the Good Shepherd, and the faithful have reciprocated in like manner. Patience and Tolerance have limits, however, enough is enough, especially for those innocent harmless Christian lives lost who were fulfilling their Sunday obligation, and those yet struggling and suffering in hospitals. Your Eminence’s voice will go a long way to punish those responsible for failing to carry out their duties and a change will be imminent.

Millions of rupees can be offered for reconstruction of churches, and other materialistic things, however, not even gold can value the lives lost for no fault of theirs. Parliament has just passed a supplementary estimate for 190 million rupees to purchase two bullet proof vehicles, one each for the President and the new Defence Secretary, while a sum of only Rs. 1 million is granted for each life lost in this tragedy.

The MPs are hoodwinking the masses. They come to power promising so much, but once elected they only look after their kith and kin and live in luxury, with everything looked after, conveniently forgetting their promises. Meanwhile the culprits and murderers are roaming free, while the victims are awaiting Justice

The country is at a standstill, the tourism industry has collapsed, the education system halted, and the people live in fear while business places are without customers; the poor vadai and gram seller cannot meet his daily needs owing to the irresponsibility and negligence of those in power.


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