Jacqueline to help victims rebuild their lives


Jacqueline Fernandez

In the aftermath of the Easter Sunday carnage, in which more than 250 people lost their lives, Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez has urged fans to join her in rebuilding the lives of people of the island nation. She has posted a video on her social media handle with the caption "#uniteforsrilanka".

The actress said, "I am making this video to share my thoughts on what happened in Sri Lanka. To be honest, I needed some time to fully comprehend what I was feeling and what had happened. It was difficult for me to understand why so many innocent lives had to be taken, many of which children,"she said.

"Terrorist attacks like these are unfortunately unpredictable. They also seem to be completely out of our control and there seems to be little that we can do about them," she added.

However, she believes people can help rebuild lives. "I have teamed up with an organisation called Trail, which is helping victims of the tragedy rebuild their lives. Please join me in helping these victims rebuild their lives," she said.

Urging people not to let such events dishearten them, the actress added, "Let's put aside nationality, caste, ethnicity and religion and come together as one. I'd also like to say let's not give up on humanity, let's not allow fear and anger to dictate how we react and how we feel and what we are thinking."

In the message she said, "Sri Lanka please stay strong, stay positive and, most importantly, stay united."

And, what are the local ‘beauty queens’ doing in this hour need? Showing themselves on social media and on the catwalk!

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