Despite Poverty,
there is peace and happiness in Auroville


Hindu temple

This is my final article on Auroville, and let me give you some facts and figures on the place.  The population of Auroville is approximately 2,550 with 52 nationalities residing. Residents aged above 18 are 1,900 and below are 650, with 1,080 Indians among them.  The area owned by Auroville is 4,942 acres and its settlements encompass about 2,100 acres. It has 10 schools with 550 students and Auroville outreach schools boast some 800 students. They have two Health Centres, 12 dental clinics and sub-centres. Auroville, which is closer to nature has 500 alternative energy installations including solar panels, solar pumps, biogas, wind generators and steam generators. Two hundred and fifty Auroville homes rely on Alternative Energy only. Residents of Auroville can be proud that they have planted three million trees. 

Ravi, who came to Auroville, giving up everything, in Canada in search of peace, tells me, "Despite poverty, there is peace, harmony and happiness here. There isn’t any pretence or depression among the simple people who live in Auroville." I agree with Ravi, because I saw happy faces in Auroville. Ravi also ‘owns’ a small car. However, he rarely uses it. For him, it’s his bike, his shorts and T-shirts. There isn't anyone to judge you in Auroville in a world full of judgmental human beings. I ask Ravi about the people who visit him in Auroville.  He says he prefers travellers to vacationers. I ask him what the difference is, because I am a traveller and I hardly have used the word vacation. "Travellers enjoy life and the world better. They aren't fussy. Vacationers don’t" say Ravi. I nod in agreement because I am Serendipitous and enjoy a pleasant journey in life.  

Ravi lives in a small area. His way of living is simple and with lesser things. He lets travellers live in the rooms. He explains to me why he painted his house in the colours of the rainbow. "I want to be inclusive. That is the reason. Blue is for living. Yellow is for wisdom. Red is for passion. Orange is for both passion and wisdom. Green is for environment, and Purple is for high consciousness. This is my own crazy philosophy of life. Of course out of the rainbow colours some are based on others but, most are my own personal interpretations" says Ravi. I don’t think there is anything crazy here. He is right.   I learn something here from him. The man sure is living not only a simple life but also a creative and a colourful life in Auroville.  

His best friend is ‘Treaty’ the dog. Treaty became friendly with me during my short stay in Auroville. This dog has proven beyond doubt that he is man’s best friend.  I could see that they have struck a wonderful relationship.  Ravi tells me ‘Treaty’ is the puppy no one wanted to have. "He is a street dog who came to me as a two month old puppy. He has a very simple life style. His wants are less.  The dog has taught me to be calm. He has inspired me. We have a wonderful relationship" said Ravi.  Some dogs do calm you.   They do give you unconditional love without asking anything back from you (May be some biscuits, a pat on the back).  I miss Treaty the dog too. Make sure to go and say Hello to Treaty if you go to Auroville in Tamil Nadu. 

Having lived in Auroville for about five days I found peace in the village. Peace we cannot find in most places.  There is also art and culture, from Open Mic nights with music, poetry and songs, and just poetry nights. There is this Sankalpa Art (Journey) Cart and peaceful places to wonder around. There is this Aurovelo Cafe on one side and the other half is used as a cycle repair and rental shop. There is also this ‘Solitude’ Organic Farm Café, which sells fresh local organic food harvested. They have a combination of Breakfast, lunch, smoothies, dosa, thali, salad, juices. These are pure local projects and they serve the Auroville Mankind and Womankind well.  

I don’t want to keep on writing about Auroville. Because it is a village one must find out and experience. Aurovillians are simple and nice. They are friendly too. I sure will go again to Auroville

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