An attractive 50% discount and host of other benefits for the New Year from SLT

Country’s national telecommunications service provider– Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) who regularly offers a host of numerous benefits for its valued customers during festive periods, has announced a wide array of offers for the upcoming Sinhala and Tamil New Year.

For both existing customers and new customers, SLT is now offering an astonishing 50% discounts for new services, free data and routers.

Accordingly, a new SLT voice only customers of ‘SLT Single Play’ can be avail themselves for an attractive connection fee of Rs 6,000 instead of the usual connection fee of Rs 12,000 whilst the ‘SLT Double Play’ (voice + internet) package is offered at Rs 3,500 in place of the regular fee of Rs 7,000. A new Double Play PEO TV connection which offers calls and PEO TV which will otherwise cost Rs 11,000 can be obtained as low as Rs. 5,500, while new Triple Play connections (calls, internet and PEOTV) will cost only Rs. 5,000 instead of the regular price of Rs 10,000. For new broadband connections, this offer will also include a free Wi-Fi router for Web Family and above packages.

In addition SLT will offer 50% off for not only new customers but also its existing customers, when obtaining additional services or when upgrading. Accordingly when upgrading from Single Play (Calls only) to Double Play (PEO TV) which includes calls and PEOTV, from Double Play (Calls and broadband) to Triple Play (calls, internet and PEOTV) only a fee of Rs 3,495 is charged instead of the regular Rs 6,990! Similarly, SLT has made arrangements to waive of the broadband startup fee completely when upgrading from Double Play (PEOTV) to Triple Play during the festive period. For upgrades from Single Play to Double Play (Broadband) connections, this offer will also include a free Wi-Fi router for Web Family and above packages, while for all other connections (i.e. Web Lite, Web Starter and Web Pal packages), Wi-Fi routers which is worth Rs 2,990, will be offered at an attractive price of Rs. 990 only.

During the festive period SLT will make available an attractive data offer where new broadband subscribers will be offered 25GB worth of free data for social media. Similarly, subscribers can enjoy SLT Storage free of charge for the first three months for all new connections.

In addition, the country’s leading broadband and backbone infrastructure service provider - SLT will offer Home Security Solution complete comprising of Wi-Fi cameras, smart IR alarms, smart remote controls, smart power plugs, at an unbelievable Rs 16,280 during the festive period.

All offers are valid till April 30.

To know more information about festive offers and for details on any product or any service please log on to our website or call our customer care hotline 1212 which operates 24/7 for your convenience.

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