Opening of SJV Chelvanayakam Memorial Auditorium in Jaffna

The opening of the SJV Chelvanayakam Memorial Auditorium in Jaffna will be held on April 26.

R. Sampanthan, the incumbent leader of the party founded by Chelvanayakam, will open the facility.

The event has been organized by the SJV Memorial Committee, of which Elankovan, the grandson of Chelvanayakam, is the chief trustee.

The organizers said they want to make the event inclusive of all communities and reflect the spirit of reconciliation.

Dr. A. T. Ariyaratne, the doyen of the national NGO sector, will also be associated with the opening.

The speakers will include Ven. Galkande Dhammananda thera and a speaker from Tamil Nadu, who is not a politician.


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