BuildEx Maldives – 2019 from August 22-24

The Maldives National Association of Construction Industry in collaboration with Lanka Exhibition & Conference Services will present Buildex Maldives - 2019 from August 22-24 in Malé.

The exhibition has been organized to cater to the construction boom in the Maldives. Major projects such as the reclamation and development of Hulumale, construction and refurbishment of Island Resorts and the growing population in the capital city contribute towards the exponential growth in the Maldivian construction industry.

Construction is one of the most important sectors in the country, it has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years. For example, residential construction grew markedly, particularly in Malé and in the recently reclaimed Hulhumalé’. The growth reflects the natural increase the population and rapid urbanization.

Malé being the main commercial hub of the country and the capital city, a large number of people from the outer islands migrate to Malé annually looking for employment opportunities, better health and better educational services.

This rapid urbanization is driving the demand for rental accommodation in Malé, fueling the growth of residential construction.

 The construction, repair and refurbishment of luxury resorts is another important driver of growth in the construction sector since the inception of the tourism industry across the Maldives.

The tourism sector is the single most important sector of the economy and directly accounts for one third of the economy. However, the construction sector is a vital segment of the Maldivian economy. It covers the construction of roads, jetties, harbors, land  reclamation, bridges, civil works, factories, houses, offices, schools, apartments and sewerage projects.

In addition to the direct contribution from the construction industry to the economy, the sector also contributes indirectly through its links to other sectors of the economy

 Buildex Maldives - 2019 aims to provide a platform for B2B and B2C engagement. The event also sets the stage for exhibitors to showcase the latest advancements in construction supplies, machinery and equipment.

 The Maldivian construction industry is looking for solutions for the challenges in the construction industry. Some of the major challenges being the availability of labor for the industry and the implementation of sustainable best practices.

The industry needs exposure to labor saving methods and devices, environmentally friendly and sustainable methods and materials in an effort towards finding ways and means of reducing the carbon footprint of the industry.

 The exhibition is expected to attract contractors, professional builders, hotel, resort owners, hotel GMs, architects, interior designers, engineering managers, hotel management executives, dealers, suppliers, finance managers, hotel project consultants, developers, agents, distributors, civil & structural engineers, purchasing/procurement managers, hotel maintenance officers, business development managers, security & safety managers from across the Maldives.

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