Country’s leading Islamic organisation pledges support to President’s fight against drug menace


Sri Lanka’s leading Islamic religious organization, All-Ceylon Jamiayyathul Ulama, (ACJU) has pledged its best cooperation to President Maithripala Sirisena’s efforts to fight drug menace.

 On behalf of All-Ceylon Jamiayyathul Ulama, (ACJU) its President Al-Haj Rizvi Mufthi made this pledge in the presence of Western Province Governor M. Azath S. Salley in Colombo during the weekend.

 The meeting between the governor and the Islamic organization held at the ACJU headquarters was to greet and felicitate Salley on his new appointment as governor of the western province.

 Appreciating the efforts made by the governor in his province in the fight against narcotics, Rizvi Mufthi said there was a pressing need for more awareness among the members of the Muslim community on the hazards of drug menace. He pointed out that organized campaign against drug abuse would help reduce the problem in affected areas.

The Mufthi also pointed out that lack of competent Islamic teachers (Moulavies) in Muslim schools had caused a serious problem among Muslim student population since they lack religious education.

 Responding to the comments made by the ACJU leader, Governor Salley said that he was aware of an undue delay in appointing Moulavi teachers to Muslim schools. "Immediate actions are being taken with the help of the Ministry of Education to make these appointments within a couple of weeks," he assured.

 Salley also lamented that innocent youth had got hooked on drugs. "Those dealers have to be punished and the victims have to be rehabilitated," he stressed. He indicated that President Sirisena had been doing his utmost to rid the country of the drug menace and he urged the people to cooperate with the President to make his journey successful and to overcome the problem.

 He stressed that some of the burning issues in the Muslim community could only be tackled by the ACJU which was the competent Islamic organization to deal with such problems.

Covering of faces by Muslim girls in schools and holding sessions in Muslim schools were some of the problems that can be taken up by the Islamic body, Salley said.

During the discussions, ACJU made a presentation on its activities from its inception. During the presentation it transpired that nearly half a million students benefited from ACJU’s ‘Education for All’ programs. They include, providing breakfast, supply of free school books, uniforms, schoolbags and providing transport for deserving students.

Sheikhs M.S.M. Thassim, M.M.A. Mubarak and A.L.M Khaleel also took part in the discussions along with other officials from the Western Province Governorate.

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