Resume boat service


It is almost three years when the Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (SLLRDC) mooted the idea of involving the private sector in launching a boat service in canals and rivers in Sri Lanka. We saw some navy boats operating for a while. Dutch funding was also provided for carrying out a feasibility study. Again it was a waste of money the consultancy team did not do a proper study. The private sector tried to work out a project to implement, but in vain. Now SLLRDC is trying, again with navy, to build some ferries and operate in Beira Lake

It is a good idea, but you will need strong air-fresheners in the boat to suppress the stench in Beira. Canal transportation is facing problems due to crocodile infestation. What can we do? I suggest allowing any private citizen to deploy a boat with 20 passenger capacity and start operating a few boats, and, SLLRDC to charge a canal tax like road tax imposed on private buses. Deploy Canal Police to monitor speed and Canal Inspectors to check condition of boats, and wildlife inspectors to stop people harming crocodiles crossing Poldoowa Bridge.

A minister in the proposed mega Cabinet can be assigned to handle water transportation.


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