‘Show your research on agrochemical use’


Ah, the Canadian promoter of agrotoxins rises to the defence of the destruction wrought on our biodiversity through the process of ‘energy intensive agriculture’, that he seems to be well qualified in defending.

He is also rather hypocritical, he states that ‘How can Dr. RS say that earthworms and egrets are hardy against agro-toxins? He should give a quantitative criterion (e.g., the LP50 values/weight) before he rushes to print. Only the Pope can make unsubstantiated ex-cathedra statements’. He then goes on to state that: ‘So, while the pesticide load is low, Sri Lanka's environment, both rural and urban, is full of partially oxidized petroleum, kerosene and diesel residues’. What evidence does he provide that the pesticide load in Sri Lanka is low? This is a totally unsubstantiated ex-cathedra statement. I guess he must see himself as some kind of Chemical Pope, making the unsubstantiated statement that the pesticide load in Sri Lanka is low, without any quantitative criterion.

I have been examining the biodiversity of this country for over thirty years. Below are some publications that should be easy for someone in Canada to access. It will be handy to see what publications the Canadian critic has to his credit, to justify his pontificating on the issue of biodiversity?

1977 Habitat values and endemicity in the vanishing rain forest of Sri Lanka. With M. Soule and J. Senner, Nature 265:351-354.

1981 Conservation of Freshwater Fishes in Sri Lanka. With P.B. Moyle, Biol. Conserv. 22:191-195.

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1993 Global Biodiversity Assessment (GBA) Co-ordinator, (Multiple Use Values) Global Biodiversity Assessment. UNEP, Nairobi

1994 The Need of Measurement and Evaluation of Biodiversity In New Perspectives in Biodiversity (eds) A.F. Krattinger, J.A.

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It is based on over thirty years of such field experience that I made the statement that, ‘that earthworms and egrets are hardy against agro-toxins’ What evidence does the Canadian Critic have to prove that earthworms and egrets are not hardy against agro-toxins ? My statement was the result of studying the environment of this nation for over thirty years. One wonders what the Canadian critic has been doing during this time. Perhaps it is time to pull his head out from the cold soils of Canada and stick it into the tropical soils of Sri Lanka.

It looks as if the Canadian critic is pushing his agenda based on selected references that seem to support his argument; he has nothing that relates to Sri Lanka, yet seeks to trivialize the field experience of Sri Lankans with his abstracted view of selected random publications.

Until we the Sri Lankan public, are presented with the published work in terms of agricultural or general biodiversity, published by the promoters of agrotoxins, we should be very cautious of the agenda of those seeking to load our agricultural production with agrotoxins. His twisting of the words of the First Prime Minister D. S. Senanayake, who spoke to the prevailing economic system and its metrics, to suit his political agenda of criticizing ‘organic agriculture’, demonstrates either crass ignorance of what was said or a crafty way to push his own tragic agenda. Either way, it is time that we asked these ‘remote critics’ to come to Sri Lanka, perform the research that supports or repudiates their viewpoint, or at least publish a scientific paper from where ever they are, to justify the media campaign that they seem so keen to promote.


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