SL seen as seriously lacking in skilled health care personnel


By Steve A. Morrell

A current lack of trained human resource personnel, aligned with local medical services, prompted the establishment of the Amrak Institute of Medical Sciences, its chairman Aminda Tudawe said.

'A considerable vacuum in today’s health care industry for skilled professionals with specialized knowledge is the rationale to establish the Amrak Institute (AI), which would aim at producing suitable personnel to ensure local medical services meet the present demand for these personnel, Tudawe said.

'Durdans Hospital with the Astron Institute of International Studies, India, are supportive organizations that engender training and professionalism of paramedical personnel within context of the Amrak Institute, Tudawe added.

Managing Director AI, Rakshitha Tudawe said a shortage of manpower in the medical industry is deemed a negative factor that contributes to nonchalance among such personnel. This did not ensure patients' needs are met when most needed. He confirmed the AI curriculum would professionalize priorities; more so, that those who pass out could fit into priorities that would make the difference in a more professional manner.

'Human capital in the government health care sector, as cited in Department of Census and Statistics reports, projects a personnel shortage of some 121,500. Unemployment among those who complete their AL studies is rising, he added.

He added - 'AI and its courses are designed to ensure medical services are professionally adequate to meet patients' needs suitably.

'Training included practical on - the – job professionalism that includes hospital exposure; for instance, cardiac care, radiology and an inclusive course in nursing.'

Executive Director, Astron Institute, Dr. Neeru Bhatia said Astron Institute and its study courses are recognized by the government of India. They also train nurses and doctors. But the curriculum applicable to Amrak would ensure paramedical courses are professionally conducted. Skills building with quality accreditation for patient care would take priority precedence.

Additionally, on – line teaching would also be an option available to those who seek such options.

Executive Director AI, T.P.L. Raj said courses available would also include home – health. Explaining the concept he said this facility would include home medical attention, conducted by highly trained professionals. Explaining further he said if patients under appropriate circumstances desired home treatment such facilities would be included in training. Such treatment would be correctly supervised and responsibly conducted.

Questioned by the press on cost Rakshitha Tudawe said the course would cost Rs. 90,000. A six month course would cost Rs. 45,000.

Questioned further he said AI courses would include holistic training that could meet competition at all levels.

He also said considering life expectancy of senior citizens and their care, home health courses would be included in course curriculum.

COO Astron Institute Ashish Bhatia also spoke.

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