To recognize and award the best in the profession

Dental Awards -2018 on Nov 23


Dental Awards 2018 organized for the very first time to honour and recognize the very best in the dental profession in Sri Lanka will be held in grand style at the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre on November 23 from 6 pm.

The awards ceremony jointly organized by Oram (Pvt) Ltd and the General Dental Practitioners Association (GDPA) will evaluate 13 categories and Dental doctors who have demonstrated especial skills in those areas will be receive the awards. In addition three high-flyers who rendered a yeoman service to the dental profession will be bestowed lifetime achievement awards.

In a bid to further spur the excellence in the dental medical practice in Sri Lanka and take the Lankan dental practice prowess to the global arena the awards ceremony will be held under the theme Going Global.

Link Sudantha will be the main sponsor of Dental Awards 2018. These facts were disclosed at a special press briefing held at JAIC Hilton Colombo on Monday (5).

"It is for the very first time that exceptional individuals from the dental profession in both private and government sector will be selected, recognized and awarded in Sri Lanka. It is correct to say that this will be the largest stage that recognizes and rewards dental doctors in Sri Lanka. On one hand, exceptional dental professionals will not only be honoured at the ceremony but also their expertise brought to global attention. Our company along with the General Dental Practitioners Association which is a government organization is organizing this ceremony with the expectation that by this there will be a huge boom in the dental profession in Sri Lanka. Our company that is dedicated to developing the professional skills of dental doctors, consider Dental Awards -2018 as a social responsibility which will lead to the development of the dental medical field in the country," Mustaq Jabir, Managing Director, Oram (Pvt) Ltd said.

The famed General Dental Practitioners Association (GDPA) performs a vital role to improve oral health in Sri Lanka. The organization thus helps in making Sri Lankans a healthy nation. By a clinical test conducted and published by the University of Peradeniya it has been proven that the herbal material included in Link Sudantha has the ability to reduce and eliminate harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease. Due to its ability to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, Link Sudantha has won the trust of millions of people in Sri Lanka. It is clear that Link Sudantha and the GDPA work with a common vision to improve oral health in Sri Lanka. Hence much effort will be made to further encourage and accolade the expertise of doctors who are trying to make the common vision a reality through Link Sudantha, said Nishantha Paranagama, Sales Director . Link Natural Company.

The grand award ceremony which will be held with the participation of distinguished local and foreign guests will also consist of lectures delivered by two British experts with a plethora of knowledge in the field of dental medicine.

The Dental Awards -2018 will present awards under the categories Best Government Dental Practice (Provincial), Best Practice, Best Patient Care, Best Team Member, Best Team, Best Young Dentist, Best Practice Brand & Design, Best High Technology Practice, Best New Practice, Most Improved Practice, Best Website, Best General Dental Practice, Solo Practice/Partnerships, Best Group Practice/With Specialist in Oder Discipline.

The winners will be selected by a panel of judges with vast experience in the dental medicine field. Nominations for the awards will be received till November 10. More details of the method of application and the award ceremony could be obtained from the website

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