FNO urges President to opt for a general election

President Maithripala Sirisena should immediately dissolve parliament and call a general election, Convenor of the Federation for National Organisations (FNO), Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekara says.

Addressing the media, Dr. Amarasekera said a general election would strengthen the wise and patriotic decision taken by the President as the people will be able to give their verdict. "During last three years we have strongly criticised President Sirisena. That is not because we had a personal grudge against him. We felt that he was under the control of anti-national forces. However, the recent decision he took is very commendable."

If Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had remained in power for two more months, that could have been the end of the country and its people, Dr. Amarasekera said. "Wickremesinghe and his gang were finalising the new Constitution."

President Sirisena acted to remove Wickremesinghe, despite international pressure, it was a very bold decision, the FNO convener said.

"The decision is constitutional."

"They are talking about MPs. They should look at what people feel. Look at what happened on Feb. 10 this year? We know what people feel."

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