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The ordinary citizens of this country seem to be lurching from one issue to another without any apparent solutions! It appears that most pundits are deliberately concealing the correct position or using this to confuse the vast majority of the citizens and to put them on tract to their coloured views.

1 When the President on January 9th 2015 appointed Ranil W as the Prime Minister, nobody made a whimper even and accepted the fact that the President did have the power to do so. Nobody holed up in Temple Trees and called upon the International community to come to the aid of those dislodged as now. Is it the intention of those holed up to internationalize this issue to the detriment of the country’s future?

2 Has the Speaker of the House the authority to overrule the President on any matter?

3 Why not go to courts and obtain an interpretation of the relevant sections of the Constitution so that the citizens of the country can accept an unbiased ruling on the matter.

4 Now it seems we are making the rich ordinary Members in the House super rich! Let there be an election to get rid of them.

5 Tax Dept. please open up files for all the current members and be ready to get some taxes from the ill-gotten gains of these pests.


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