"Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war" (Mark Antony in 's )

Cassandra Cry: View of the Past Week in a Terrified Mood mixed with Confusion, Deep Sorrow, Scorn and yes, a Dash of Amusement


Sunday 4 November newspapers were very interesting to read. All except one single entire-paged columnist were highly critical of the way in which Ranil W was arbitrarily sacked, though he insists he remains Prime Minister and justifiably so, since he was selected by the then new Prez in 2015, and the people did not vote him out or have its representatives impeached and send him packing. Some of the very same so called representatives of us, the people, who attempted to No Confidence him had it backfiring on them –not strongly enough.

One columnist changed his salutation to the Prez of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, now turned undemocratic and at sixes and sevens with itself, from Dear Maithree to Aiyo Maithree. Cass adds to this: Aney-Appoi-mokada-keruwe Maithree.

The show of power and popularity

As Cassandra starts this piece on Monday 5 at noon, a thundering shower of rain of huge drops falling in sheets is occurring. Dampening the mobs who are collecting for the Janabala jamboree? No they must be having plenty fire water to stir them up to louder shouting and a lot of rioting including a mite of violence.

Humour was in an email advertising a wedding; the bridegroom nattily dressed in a western suit, discarding the kapati one, and the bride, suitably shorter and slim in a shocking red gold embroidered outfit, wearing glasses and rather a scared look. No wonder the trepidatious look. Who knows whether the big guy beside her is still a big bad wolf and will eat her/him up eventually? Maybe he will throw a thousand tantrums and cry murder when he discovers the real sex of the demure bride! Twelve feet below, not six!! Comments in the said email were many; Cass selects just two beside the title which read This Marriage of Convenience says it all!

Two lunatics now attempting to run the 'Asylum'! and

A Parliament of Baboons in chorus said, "WAIT! Let us watch and see how they mate!

They will have three offspring - 'Ginee, Bada-ginee, and Lamborghini"!!!

Cass hastens to add, in case a white van comes for her or a decree of decimation as a journo is declared, that she is NOT the originator of this circulated picture and comments. She adds with a semblance of relief that Sri Lankans may take things lying down, more so the non-thugs, and be so forgetful they forget yesterday’ crime against the nation, but the fun streak in them, often sans clever wit, rises to the occasion. Thank goodness for this; otherwise life would be too burdensome, by far, to bear.

A sad fate, according to one email, had the lion flag with a frog instead of the majestic lion holding the sword. Apt no?

Proclaimed the best; but now?

Ironically in the midst of our country instigating the issuance of travel warnings by certain cautious countries, we are advertised as one of the best tourist destinations. On Monday Cass watching CNN sees the American news channel announcing Sri Lanka has the best sites and seas for surfing. Persons who threw the country into disarray and turmoil should have, at least, considered what a sudden upheaval would do to the tourist industry which was thriving and one sure earner of forex. No, the person now having most power according to the Constitution –the Prime Minister - had to be changed and as the Prez’ address to the nation said (and was reported) that one of the major reasons for sacking one and installing another was because of the difference in cultural and societal stance or standing between him and his former PM whose party led him up the frangipani path to the presidency. Such a gap could easily have been bridged or ignored, especially since the Prez in the beginning and early part of his tenancy was praised and admired most for having risen from a farming family. Cass herself loved to say he was admirable: moving from a farmer’ homestead in an ancient city to the Presidential Palace in Colombo. Aney dan wetchi wadey, karapu wadey!

Butterflies in the disturbed picture

The Prez at the janabala something held near Parliament on Monday 5 said that the country was ruled by a samanala group. Cass thinks of butterflies as beautiful but short lived, happily flitting from flower to flower. The connotation she supposes meant by Prez is entirely different to her perception and even to that of Cassius Clay, who floated like a butterfly but stung like a bee. The LGBT group of Free Sri Lanka (bless them) has risen up in ire at the perceived insult and Cass now surmises HE the Prez was hitting below the belt –popular with vulgar hoi polloi but not with the majority of the citizenry of Free S L. Remember we are the inheritors of a culture of more than 2500 years and with religiousness denoted by seas of saffron robes and places of worship dotting the Island.

The very best comment to HE’ observation was from the Finance Minister Mangala S who categorically said he prefers being a butterfly than a leech –the blood suckers who are claiming power and frog jumping to blue, some who only a couple of days back berated the new PM and are now behind him wagging tails. Methinks, bemoans Cassandra, that the animal kingdom is maligned by comparing certain politicos to some of that kingdom’ genus and species.

A succinct statement/appeal

Cass cannot but comment on the poise, calm and stature, yes stature projected by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in all this turmoil. He sits there calm and unruffled both in appearance and stance. OOPs! Did she make a mistake? So many compatriots have accepted another as PM or Number Two as that post is now termed. Cass like others unswayed, await the decision of Parliament. He made a very important and apt remark or rather a request directed at Number One - President - as reported in The Island newspaper of November 7. "hatever the issue with me, don’ plunge the country to chaos."Sad to say the country is already plunged in chaos, and turmoil, and is in limbo; public servants probably confused and confounded. Much of the media, more so electronic, is now with the newly thrust-upon-us governmental dispensation.


Cass’ final comment as she leaves you this week for another tumultuous week including our Ides of November –14 –is that she is so disappointed that in most political actions self comes way ahead of country: never mind what happens to the country - utter chaos, economy plummeting, world opinion plunging - as long as ‘’remain in/regain power.

Another is the absolute leaning, judging, acting according to the personal and not the universal or general. Cass makes herself clear with two examples. The President has changed the Prime Minister because his personal stance/ behaviour/make-up differed from the PM he cast aside. Political and country considerations should have guided him totally and not the personal. Secondly, if you make any remark you are branded as of one political party or the other. Not many consider that an opinion can be made apolitically; objectively as against subjectively.

The day of the ‘raitor’vs ‘atriot’is here again! So beware, be careful!!

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