Ill-effects of publicity for results

G-5 scholarship exam:


Despite the fact the scholarship examination results have now been released, and it:s news value is withering away,: it is still worthwhile to disclose some facts that ,would be useful for betterment of our education system . Thanks to the geographic location where I live, I have access to electronic print media well before Sri Lankans read their morning news Papers . I presume I am one of the firsts to know the exam results All electronic and print media gave wide publicity to the 29 students who got island:s best results, one first place ,two second places, three third places and 23 fourth places, 29 in all, out of some 335000 students sat for the examination. It was a busy week for media and for some politicians to visit them and convey their good wishes. The total number benefited by this examination does not exceed 15000, and the rest have to continuein their schools until they sit G.C.E O.L. President . Maithripala Sirisena in a public speech, addressed the parents and made some encouraging remarks about those students who did not get better schools,,while the editor of The Island News Paper has written a lenthy editorial about those who do not get better schools.(I wilfully do not use the word unsuccessful) . We appreciate both the president and the editor Island News Paper for their timely contributions.

Although the students received higher marks deserve better schools,it was reported grade six classes were filled with students who gained admission with the help of politicians in previous years resulting lesser intake of clever students. We as a country with limited education infrastructure facilities have to explore available resources to increase intake of students. One such strategy is to abolish family empires of schools by stopping intake of students to grade one to all leading schools for which students are admitted on scholarship examination results, and grade one admissions to be made only to near by other schools . This will provide more admission opportunities for greater number of students. Similar education reforms of cluster schools proposed by eminent educationist, Dr Premadasa Udagama never implemented.

There are similar evaluations in U S A and Canada in grade 3,4,and 5, which are called Cognitive Abilities Tests.(CAT) Students are not informed prior to tests,and tests are conducted uninformed,in normal school hours by class teachers.Students so selected are considered as "Gifted Students" and have special classes or special lessons in the same class.

On the merits of their performance they have opportunities for different streams and areas of middle schools and high schools., and also bridging study programmes with famed universities. Unlike in Sri Lanka only the parents have access to results of the students..They are considered so confidential that the student sit next to you has no knowledge of other:s performance.

In Sri Lanka, grade five examination is said to be the "Battle Of Mothers". Hence time is new ripe to stop.poltical,public and media ceremonies to appraise only a very small number of students while neglecting a few hundred thousands students. .



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