Arimac Digital to digitise and assist Sri Lanka Army Signal Corps in celebration of its 75th anniversary


Sri Lanka Signals Corps (SLSC), one of the oldest regiments of the Sri Lanka Army with an inherited proud and prestigious history, commemorates its 75th anniversary in October of 2018. In commemorating the anniversary of SLSC, Arimac Digital extends its support as the Digitisation Partner for the celebratory events and technical assistance for research and development for Information Technology (IT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects. Sri Lanka Signals Corps contributes essential Information and Communication Technology (ICT) requirements of Sri Lanka Army.

To signify this importance milestone and highlight the importance of ICT in the defence sector, SLSC will host a symposium and an ICT Exhibition at BMICH on 28th and 29th of November, where Arimac Digital will demo an immersive 360-degree virtual walk-through to showcase the Sri Lankan Army's ICT adoption over the last 75 years.

Major General Ajith Wijesinghe, Military Secretary of Sri Lanka Army and the Colonel Commandant of SLSC, praised the partnership and spoke of ICT's importance in the defence industry. "The defence industry is one of the many industries which are strongly impacted by ICT. We believe advancements in ICT brings benefits to the security of the nation which is why we are glad to have a specialist like Arimac Digital come on board as our Digitalisation Partner over the next two years and offer their expertise free-of-charge".

The symposium will aim to enhance public knowledge of contemporary and next-gen ICT requirement and services through the assistance of leading local and foreign agencies, such as Dialog Axiata, National Radio Telecom Corporation- Pakistan, Bharat Electronics- India, and ST Engineering-Singapore.

"The use of technology in communication plays a significant role in managing and coordinating our operational forces within the Sri Lankan Army," said Major General Nilantha Hettiarachchi, Chief Signal Officer of Sri Lanka Army. Further he added, "This type of technology that keeps our troops safe, empowering them to succeed in their endeavours to the country. We firmly believe that the effective use of ICT is more important than the use of force itself".

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