An evening of ‘Sharing the French way of life’ – with Softlogic, Delifrance and Chef Roth 


‘Sharing the French way of life’; Indeed that’s exactly what took place when Softlogic Restaurants Pvt Ltd, the Authorised Franchisee for Delifrance in Sri Lanka, and a fully owned subsidiary of Softlogic Holdings PLC, together with Delifrance, hosted an evening of culinary savoir faire, together with highly acclaimed 2 Starred Michelin Chef Michel Roth.

Amongst those present were the Mayor Rosy Senanayake and Author Ashok Ferrey, who were privileged to interact with Chef Roth and had a first hand experience of ‘sharing the kitchen’ with a celebrity Chef ! Hailed as a ‘boundless source of inspiration for Delifrance’, Chef Roth who celebrates a 5-year partnership with Delifrance, demonstrated his culinary expertise, by turning out several delectable dishes in the presence of the distinguished invitees. Guests were able to sample first hand and hot off the oven Pain Surprise, Michel Roth-Croissant Paris- Colombo, Mini Financiers Cashew nuts, Blanquette de poulet,  and many other French delicacies.

 ""I had just come back from the launch of my last novel in Paris, and was feeling quite homesick for French food. So Chef Michel Roth's delicious cooking at Delifrance just hit the spot! Of course there were no snails or frogs' legs, but that's OK. Because I have quite a big garden." said Ashok Ferrey, author of The Ceaseless Chatter of Demons.

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