CBL’s Sera to augment quality of coconut consumption


Ceylon Biscuits Limited’s (CBL) much favoured brand ‘Sera’ coconut milk recently sponsored a workshop in Kurunegala, organized by the Coconut Development Authority - which operates under the purview of the Ministry of Agriculture. The workshop mainly focused on the application of best methodologies for coconut extraction.

The program was held in conjunction with the International Coconut Day, which falls on the 2nd of September. Many topics were brought to light with emphasis on the importance of coconuts, along with the reasons for inculcating best practices in coconut consumption to gain a sustainable coconut cultivation. Demonstrations were also held to further explain about efficient methods of extracting coconut.

Attendees were enlightened on the issue of how a great amount of coconut is wasted when coconuts are scraped manually, or when grated coconut is squeezed to extract milk. The gravity of issue in the context of the country is alarming, as coconut is consumed throughout the island, thus increasing the amount of waste considerably.

The program further elaborated that when local coconut farmers fail to meet the growing consumer demands, the circumstances lead the country to import coconuts from overseas. This in turn paves the way for a substantial outflow of money, consequently impacting the local economy, as well as the livelihoods of small-scale coconut cultivators.

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