Beauty Tips Honey to improve your look with Madu Awanthi


*  Pimples:

Before going to bed, dab a bit of honey on your blemish. While you sleep the honey’s antioxidants will help reduce inflammation and redness. Some people even say that honey gets rid of the pimple overnight. Give it a try. It can’t hurt, right?

*  Facial Wash:

Using honey as a facial wash can help brighten your skin, leaving you with the glowing and fresh complexion you so want to have. Combine honey with an egg white and some powdered milk and apply it to your face in place of your traditional cleanser. This concoction gives you a natural cleanse and the skin of your dreams.

*  Hair:

Combine honey with mashed avocado and massage the mixture throughout your strands. Let it soak in for several minutes so it can do its magic, then rinse. You’ll be amazed at how conditioned and beautiful your hair looks with just one application. This is safe for most hair types so give it a try today.

*  Face:

All you have to do is smear honey all over your face (or any other skin that needs extra hydration) and allow it to sit for 15 to 20 minutes, before rinsing with warm water. What you end up with is ultra moisturised skin that penetrates down deep so that you have plumped up and lovely skin every day of the week.

* Acne:

When you put honey on your face, it helps clear impurities from your pores, keeping your skin blemish free. Combine honey with coconut oil so that it spreads easily and then apply it to problem areas. Massage the mixture in gently for the best results. Then rinse with lukewarm water and you’re all done.

*  Scars:

Mix one teaspoon raw honey with one teaspoon coconut oil and massage in a circular motion for two minutes. Apply a hot rag over the area and let sit until cooled. Repeating daily will restore cells and circulation to the area, reducing the look of the scar.

*  Sunburn:

Applying a mix of one part honey and two parts aloe vera gel to a sunburn will calm inflammation and aid in the recovery of the burn.

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