Plunder of children’s savings


It is with anger and sadness that this letter is written, on the cruelty or the apathy of the Yahapalana government, in imposing the VAT on deposits made in banks for infants by parents for their education and their well-being, when they reach the age of eighteen. Is the government so poor to fleece the innocent and also darken their lives, having no finances to further their studies or start some venture, and also blast the expectations and aspirations of parents who laboured to bring up children to be worthy citizens, making untold sacrifices. Should future generations suffer for misdeeds, corruption and mismanagement of governments, past and present?

Unfortunately, the good intention of Banks to serve and service their customers is negated by this thoughtless plundering act.

It is hoped this letter catches the eyes of President Maithripala Sirisena [if there is Maithri] and the Minister of Finance Mangala Samaraweera, to grant relief, especially to these charitable schemes, in the next Budget.



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