Deteriorating discipline among schoolchildren gets hearing in parliament


By Saman Indrajith

The Ministry of Education should introduce a standard cane if corporal punishment was to be introduced to schools, Commerce and Industries Deputy Minister Buddhika Pathirana told Parliament yesterday.

 Participating in a debate on a private member motion moved by UNP Matale District MP Rohini Kumari Wijeratne, the Deputy Minister said that discipline of children in schools had deteriorated. It was not a phenomenon of recent origin. The country had many development boards. But there is no board to develop human resources and morals of people. Child protection laws were not implemented in some schools. There should be proper counseling for teachers and students. If the teachers were permitted to use canes, then the Education Ministry had to specify the standards, he added.

The motion by MP Wijeratne, titled, ‘Preparing and implementing a programme to properly carryout disciplinary enquiries by Student Discipline Committees of Schools,’ said that there should be a proper programme be prepared and implemented for taking action to carry out proper and impartial disciplinary enquiries into anti-disciplinary acts committed by schoolchildren as it was observed that some schools took steps to expel students without carrying out proper disciplinary enquiries into anti-disciplinary acts committed by those students thereby causing great injustice to such students, disrupting their education and making most students mental patients due to severe mental pressure they were subjected to, and as there had been occasions where some children had become anti-social criminals who hate the entire teacher community as well as the entire society.

 UNP National List MP Prof. Ashu Marasinghe said that teachers were the second parents of students. Some schoolchildren committed suicide because the teachers had not been able to give proper guidance.

 Hambantota District JVP MP Nihal Galappatthi said that the schools should develop a proper mechanism to address the disciplinary issues of children. The teachers should not forget the fact that they too had been children once.

National Policies and Economic Development State Minister Dr Harsha de Silva said that caning or any form of corporal punishment of children could not be approved of. The issues should be sorted out through means of discussion. The problems should be viewed from the point of view of children, he noted.

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