India, China, UK, Netherlands and France among top ten tourist-arriving countries


Whales - an enthralling sight

By Steve A. Morrell

Arrivals from India, China, UK, the Netherlands and France figured prominently among foreign tourists who placed Sri Lanka as their priority destination over the past few months.

Although summer travelers the world over were selective to beat the heat wave affecting most parts of Europe, travelers who included Sri Lanka in their tour itineraries registered increases; visiting the island because of the attractive beach space surrounding the island. Further attractions included the cooler climes of the Central Hills.

Whale watching, surfing off the Eastern coast and wild life parks were additional attractions that enticed increased traveler traffic.

Sri Lanka Tourism reported that the topographical changes in terrain and weather, besides wide expanses of sand and beach, lured travelers to the island in larger numbers this year than previously. Additionally, Sri Lanka was now a known destination world wide through wide publicity and media recognition, that nurtured interest among such travelers.

Sea travelers arriving here were from India, in the main, recording 462. Close proximity prompted sea travel from India.

To end July this year arrivals from all countries were above 1.3 million, recording growth of 13.7 percent.

Although India and China were among the two top most countries that attracted visitor traffic, European arrivals, including Germany, were about 44 percent. The explanation was the growing peace and safe atmosphere prevailing in the island.

Arrivals from the US were not quite that encouraging. Details at hand were that just 3 percent was the recorded number. In real figures this was merely some seven thousand.

South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, recorded low arrivals. The number at hand was 348. However, African countries were better travelers to Sri Lanka. A little over 1000 spent some time here. Kenya, Mauritius, Nigeria, and South Africa were in the forefront.

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