Death penalty implementation will apply only to ‘identified’  drug convicts - Govt.


by Zacki Jabbar

The government said yesterday that the death penalty would be imposed only on  drug dealers who continued to  operate  their business while in prison and  those who were serving more than one term.

Clarifying Tuesday’s Cabinet approval of the  death penalty implementation  proposal submitted by President Maithripala Sirisena , Health Minister Rajitha Senarate told the weekly cabinet news conference in Colombo, that 19 convicted drug dealers who while in prison, were still peddling deadly drugs through their associates outside , had been identified and  they would be hanged.

"The President has  called for the identified list of convicts and also those serving more than one prison term for committing   drug  offences" he noted adding that enforcement  of the death penalty would apply  both category of prisoners.

Senaratne said he was personally opposed to  implementation of the death penalty , but agreed with the President that urgent action was required to eradicate the drug  menace , which had ruined entire families.

The Philippines,  he noted had due to tough action been able to combat drug trafficking to a large extent.

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