The story of Chemistry

This is not a review but an introduction to the just published The Story of Chemistry by Dr. Leo Fernando, assisted by Mrs. Chandra Fernando Young, a special degree graduate.

The book reminds me of my Roman Missal. To the right of the prayer book is the English version of the Roman rite. To the left the Latin version. In the Story of Chemistry on the right is the English version, on the left the Sinhala version amply Illustrated with sketches. At a modest price of Rs 800 well worth finding a niche in every school library, certainly making more horse sense than the idea of providing IPads, a shining example of straining at gnats and swallowing camels. A complimentary copy was presented to me by the author with the legend "for long years of amicetia" meaning friendship.

Chemistry was my worst subject. Mendeleev’s Periodic Table drove me through the roof. I have a lingering resentment towards the subject that I almost dismissed reading the book, but was able to put my dislike aside to read it, not once but twice.

This is an incredibly lovable book. It was once believed that heart cells could not regenerate, that once they died they could not be replaced. Now it is known the heart can renew itself. But the process is slow. In an average person, the rate is one per cent each year.


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