Amazing Thailand for undergrads courtesy Royal Thai Embassy


The late Thai King’s Sustainable Economy Philosophy

Five undergraduates, from universities throughout the island, have been selected by the Royal Thai Embassy, in Colombo, to visit Thailand, on a study tour.

The tour will centre mainly on the late Thai King’s Sustainable Economy Philosophy (SEP) which, today, has made Thailand a vibrant nation.

It’s mentioned that the King, in his childhood, was taught to follow the "sufficient way of life" by the Princess Mother who was a model of not only kindheartedness but also of her principles to live in accordance with the "sufficient way of life".

The late King graciously reminded Thais, through his royal remarks, on many occasions, of a step-by-step and balanced approach to development.

The following is an excerpt from one of his speeches:

"Economic development must be done step-by-step. It should begin with the strengthening of our economic foundation, by assuring that the majority of our population has enough to live on. Once reasonable progress has been achieved, we should then embark on the next steps, by pursuing more advanced levels of economic development.

"Here, if one focuses only on rapid economic expansion, without making sure that such a plan is appropriate for our people and the condition of our country, it will inevitably result in various imbalances and eventually end up as failure, or crisis, as found in other countries."

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is pledging to continue three principles of the late King’s work by supporting his Royal Projects.

TAT, together with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), is carrying on his legacy, via ‘The King’s Wisdom for Sustainable Tourism’ plan.

The goal of this campaign, I’m told, is to preserve the late King’s philosophy by integrating it with local resources to build sustainable tourism foundations that last for generations.

The purpose of the undergrads study tour is to take a look at the late King’s Sustainable Economic Philosophy and how it can be applied to the Sri Lankan economy.

The five undergraduates, selected after interviews, will meet the Ambassador for Thailand, in Sri Lanka, Mrs. Chulamanee Chartsuwan, next week, for a briefing before their departure, scheduled for August 1st.

Supporting this tour is my favourite airline, Thai Airways. And, I’m doubly sure the tour party will enjoy the ‘smooth as silk’ flight…to Amazing Thailand!

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