NCM Against Government

I commend Nan for expressing a shared ‘woman’s eye view’ of the recent No Confidence Motion against P M Ranil Wickremesinghe because the whole event was a farce. It is indeed ludicrous, yet it cannot be dismissed lightly, because it has the potential to ‘disrupt the government and thus the country as a whole.’ Apart from the abysmal waste of time and energy, the NCM also results in distrust and animosity among fellow Parliamentarians who should be focussing on projects that would benefit the voters.

Nan also makes an apt comparison of the NCM and those parliamentarians involved to scenes and characters in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar,

The current political scene seems so bleak that my own confidence in the Unity Government is being severely eroded. Perhaps all similarly disillusioned voters should get together and bring in a new NCM against it starting with the President and Prime Minister, and on down, sparing only the Speaker and a handful of other honest MPs.

Chitra Premaratne Stuiver

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