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It is regretted that Sri Lankan Captain Dinesh Chandimal has been barred from playing the next two games, and all members of the team losing 60% of their match fee, due to the additional time they took to bowl their allocated 20 overs in the match against Bangladesh on Saturday. I believe it is too harsh on a team that was poised to win a game, that too playing for their country. The present set of rules does not suit the scenario and the existing trend, and it takes off the glamour and color of the game. The first and second phases of a 20/20 international are two completely different atmospheres, and the rule makers should seriously consider changing them.

Unlike the team that bats first who just have to create shots and look for the maximum total they could get, the team batting second and the fielding side are under tremendous pressure, and immense tension could prevail when the game seems to go down to the wire. There should be a separate set of rules for the second essay as both teams need more time to think and plan their next moves, and we as spectators or TV viewers wouldn’t dare to protest against such delays as long as the spirit of the game exists. Match referee Chris Broad may have taken the decision going by the Rules, but he should and could act more like a gentleman in the caliber of Ranjan Madugalle, who always takes his decisions according to match situations. Chris Broad should go in front of a mirror and take a serious look back at his playing days of how much precious time he wasted intentionally in the matches he played, where the present day rules didn’t exist. Chandimal and the team obviously didn’t want to lose this game and they were playing it hard, so decision making took longer, and I believe that scenario is expected from any side who fields second in a tense nail biting game.

On the other hand, I believe that Sri Lanka Cricket could easily recruit a person as "A Time Manager" in the dressing room. Given a laptop, he could easily manage the time allocation given and keep the team informed over by over, thus giving warning signals if the need arises, which surely would benefit the team and the captain need not worry about the time spent but concentrate on the game. I hope that someone would consider this suggestion as I firmly believe this idea could make a world of difference.


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