Await a thriller poll movie


Wait for the box-office movie soon! After reading your smashing editorial ‘The bud blooms’, the brilliant ‘After the landslide: The bigger picture’ by Dayan Jayatilleka, and finally the informative, ‘A Brisk and Brusque Verdict’ by Sarath de Alwis, all on 12 February morning, which I consider a delicious breakfast for all of us Sri Lankan expatriates living in the Gulf. If one were to count the views of these marvelous pieces within a few hours of their publication, we are certain all these three works are going for a world record. There is no way that I can add my two cents worth here above these three masterpieces, except sending my sincere greetings to the beloved leader of the people – Mahinda.

The people have seen the trailer already, and now they have to wait for the box office movie to be released very soon!


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