This is about the bonds, but not about James, It’s about politically orchestrated intrigue. For the first time, someone is naming names. And the names mentioned are in "Big League".

The Bank that is Central was in need of money And in walks a benefactor who is Perpetual. With the Governor’s daughter as a marital ‘honey’, Raking in the billions was a choreographed ritual.

Tenders and auctions go to the highest bidder, Provided, however, that the playing field is level But this is a land like no other udder Milking is a profession in which a chosen few revel.

There are dealers Primary and some Secondary But those in the ‘Prime’ are asked to come second. Leaving the competition basic and rudimentary For a value and a rate no one ever reckoned.

Bankers of the ‘prime’ are summoned to a ‘meet’ And instructed what to say and where to stray. The resonating theme was that they shouldn’t beat The ‘chosen’ winner who had to have his day.

The Fund that is Provident though a ‘primary’ asset Is maneuvered into taking ‘secondary’ seat. Apparently bought-off with a cash-filled pocket Loyalty/responsibility - Personal gain doth beat.

One went off well and they went for a repeat And the rumblings soon became an uproar. Parliament, instead of the usual dragging of its feet Decided to COPE with it, despite the furor.

A ‘carpet’ was required and "Pita-Pan" committeed; They sent in their report - "Everything is ticketty boo". But the COPEing guys nonchalantly taking no heed Relentlessly persisted with the job they had to do.

The COPEing sittings did encounter obstruction With the first report ending in oblivion. The second ended up with a ‘footnote’ inscription Apparently on orders from the ‘Pavilion’.

The upheaval continued and couldn’t be contained; Another "Commission" needed to be appointed. With an unprecedented probe and integrity maintained Some obviously had to be disappointed.

The last book in the Bible is The Book of Revelations And enlightening were the reports of this probe. What transpired in proceedings did cause sensations "He that possesseth an aura of ‘clean’, I do hereby disrobe"!

We were given a preview of some juicy excerpts And a great deal more is still to come. The Report needs study by a Panel of Experts An exercise in futility it should not become.

Now the ‘climate’ is becoming enliven-ly interesting With cover-ups taking on a new methodology. The looseness with the truth has become entertaining What should be reflexology is turning out to be "deflect-ology"!

This story cannot be complete without Mr. "I can’t remember" While we struggle to make ends meet and rent-house. ‘Proudly’ consigned to be a Back-Bench member But awarded an "I don’t know" Penthouse!





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