Cisco to help drive Sri Lanka’s digital transformation


L-R Mukundhan Manimandiran, Director Operations Sales, Cisco India, Sudhir Nayar, Managing Director & Country Head Commercial Sales, Cisco India & Gerald Vethanayagam, Country Manager, Cisco Sri Lanka and Maldives speaking at the Launch of Cisco START.

Cisco deepened its commitment in Sri Lanka with the launch of Cisco START- a new initiative specifically designed to help Sri Lankan SMBs build their digital foundation and become globally competitive. This initiative is a demonstration of Cisco’s commitment to accelerate Sri Lanka ’s digital transformation and showcase how digitization can fuel economic growth, world-class innovation, sustainable competitiveness, and prosperity.

A digitized country aims to drive GDP growth, create jobs and foster innovation, enhance research and education, stimulate entrepreneurship, accelerate business innovation, develop economic cluster initiatives, and support infrastructure. Towards that, Cisco is the leading technology partner helping countries become digital hubs of innovation by building sophisticated and forward-thinking IT network ecosystems that allow for greater connectivity, productivity, and security. Through the digital transformation of Sri Lanka , Cisco will work with governments and businesses to grow GDP, create new jobs, train the future workforce, build smart cities, develop new business models and enable better quality of life for residents and more satisfying experiences for visitors. Cisco is also looking to collaborate with the public sector and contribute to large-scale transformation projects such as broadband networks, development of smart cities as well as education, and healthcare in Sri Lanka.

High-speed broadband coverage, rising adoption of mobile devices, proliferation of data, improving quality of connectivity as well as the expansion of logistics services and networks are breaking the geographical market barriers for Sri Lankan businesses and opening up new opportunities. Cisco recognises that Sri Lankan small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is a critical industry which will accelerate Sri Lanka ’s digitization and create vast opportunities for economic competitiveness and job creation.

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